So maybe the title is a bit of an exaggeration but it seems as though over the last month a bunch of random little things have been mis-happing. Our DVD home theater system over heated one and now the Component video out doesn’t work, and we have to run a fan into the unit to keep it from over heating and stalling out while playing a DVD (thankfully the RCA video out still works).

Then today our printer just stopped working out of the blue. Tuesday night I printed over 30 sheets for an outreach on Wednesday and then today I go to print out two pictures for a friend and it breaks after the first one… I’m going to need to tear it open and hopefully find someway to fix it.

Yes the DVD player is over four years old, and it has held up in remarkable shape except for the recent failings, but it’s just frustrating because for Jordan and I we unwind to movies sometimes, and now we really can’t. To top it off we are on one of the most fixed budgets of our lives and aren’t sure when we’ll be able to replace these things.

Not really sure that posting this will do any good, but at least I’m blogging (wow it’s been over a month) and thats an improvement. Hopefully this weekend I’ll take some time to blog about this crazy week!