So soon yet so far off. I long to be back in france to love, to preach and to lead a nation to know Christ. It sounds like foolishness, but then again everything in my life should be different. By all rights I shouldn’t be where I am, I shouldn’t be married, I shouldn’t be this blessed. I should be falling further down into the pit into which I was running full speed. The pit and snare that this world lusts after, the pit of wealth and notoriety.

Everything I was screamed success, I laughed and turned the other way. Now I live a life that is destined for failure except for one thing. Christ has already won my ever battle. My life works only because God works in it. The rest of my life the statistics and common sense will say I am a fool, but Christ will call me faithful. It’s been proclaimed before the heavens from the lips of prophets and for whatever reason it brings God pleasure to give me this faithfulness.

Now I sit here in waiting, as a horse before a race to anxious to be ready. Seeing the furlongs laid out before me, trapped behind the gate to ready not to move. How I wish I could be ready to go now, but there are things that must happen, people that must be raised up with us. Two can’t take a city, but maybe 130 can. I find such encouragement as I read through the Old Testament and see how God has used numbers far less than makes sense to capture and claim victory. He has done this so that man can’t stand there and say that we have done anything, and that He might get all the glory.

Woe to anyone who stops those to whom Christ has called to reclaim his lost. For this is the meaning of our existence. To seek and save the Lost, proclaiming Christ to the far corners of the world that ALL might get to know him. This is our lot, this is our time, and Christ is our Lord. The path is before us and we cannot falter now. Oh to get to live in a time such as this, to run the race now, to be found so deeply in His grace that nothing else matters. Even death can’t keep us, for we have tasted victory and know that is is ours in our hearts.