This year Jordan and I went to the Minnesota State Fair with some good friends (Kyah and Rob respectively) and had a blast. We also discovered that when you pair up with friend the amount of food you can consume and purchase as a group increases!! Below is the pictorial diary of our good eats (albeit a month after the fact).


So what all did we eat? In order from the top left; Pronto Pup, Deep Fried Snickers Bar, Gelato Ice Cream, Tom Thumb Mini Donuts, cinnamon and Sugar Lefsa, Pickle on a Stick, Spaghetti and Meatball on a Stick, Free Water!, Roasted Nuts, Salmon on a stick, Wild Game Bratwurst, Lemon aid, Shaved Hawaiian Ice, Cheese Curds, Cotton Candy, Roasted Corn on the Cob, 1919 Draft Root beer, Bucket of Sweet Martha’s Cookies, and All the Milk you can Drink for a dollar!!

Jealousy should have already set in.

It was a great day, we escaped just before the clouds opened up and it started to pour down the rain (we went on 8/28 for $8 at the gate!). To see more photos hit the link!


It was a great day, and the first time our friend Kyah had ever experienced the great Minnesota get together. She was excited but skeptical of all the goodness you can place upon a stick.
(Kyah on the far left below next to Jordan, rob in the image on the right)
Kyah unsure of her Sticks goodness Rob deciding which Deepfried Candy bar to purchase

Jordan doesn't like Lefsa
Jordan decided that she doesn’t like lefsa, how I’m not sure.
She is not from Minnesota so i guess it could happen.

NUNS!! IMG_5256.jpg
Nun's buying Cheese Curds!
Nun’s at the state Fair!! I talked to one of the sisters for a minute.
She was very excited about the cheese curds!

Kyah and Jordan with the Gedney Pickle Me on a Deere
Kyah and Jordan with the Gedney Pickle | Me on top of a new John Deere

The Gold’n Plump Chicken Van during the parade.

And the best part of the day….

Milk and Cookies!!!

To see the full set of photos from the day check out the Flickr Set.