It could be asked why I try to do so much. You may sit there and wonder thinking that I?m using it as a way to find something I?m missing. You sit there, look at God as my crutch and ridicule me while I am laboring for the fictitious ?Higher Powers? of life. You could be wondering why I?m still here, why I?ve yet to fade away and burn out, and why I?ve given so much to something so intangible.

It couldn?t be that I love you more then you?ll ever realize, that you could ever feel for anyone. I sit praying for you till tears run down my face as I see where you?re going. I sit desiring you to be saved from what is coming. I sit there realizing that it won?t be me to lead you home to your Father. I sit there praying for those who will reach you. I sit there because that girl I see from my window doesn?t know Him. That if I only prove myself faithful with little that Christ will give me what I need to reach them. Labor for Him is never in vain, my time is always answered and rewarded. As a branch attached to the vine (Christ) it is of no choice to me if I bear fruit, or not, my only hope is that I bear the best fruit I can for Him.

I live for those who are so close to me here. That they would be with me forever. I pray that Matthew 25:21 holds true in my life, that I have been faithful with a few things that Christ will trust me with more. Not for my sake, but for those around me. That He will grant me gifts and abilities to reach those who my heart pains for everyday. If it takes me to the other ends of the world to brings those next to me into His presence, then I will go. May God be my wings and refuge.


Last night we had an outreach with Sujo John (website) who survived the 9/11 attacks from the 81st floor of tower one. It was an amazing presentation and his story was really gripping. It was fun to see the fruits of our labor and the scriptures hold true. Your work for the Lord does not return without results. There were 51 commitments/rededications to Christ last night. The whole presentation was about an hour long. So far I?ve heard a lot of really great reviews of the event. Hopefully we can get some press in the stoutonia (school paper) for it.

We got a good number of photos from the event and will put a couple up in the next couple days. God is soooo good to those who put their trust in Him! Sujo John thank you so much for responding to God?s call on your life and the blessing that you have been to our movement here.

Keep living His blessing,