Yea I know I?ve been slightly aloof lately but it has been for good reason. It seems as though my time has been so packed full that I haven?t had time to keep up with friends or even hang out with the guys on my floor. It will be better after this week as most of my work is done. Here?s a little list of what the last three weeks have held for me (more or less in order)

Coffee with Sarah Rose
Coffee with my Dad
Being prayed over a couple times
All day Campus Crusade for Christ (cru) planning meeting
Warrior Weekend (cru – three days)
Move into dorms
Helping with move in Day (cru)
Buffalo Wild Wings with Floor friends
Bonfire at 322 (cru)
Meeting with Pete Z
Pizza Give Away (cru)
Bonfire at 322 #2 (cru)
Watching office space with jenna
Popcicle give away (cru)
Backyard Bash info table (cru)
Bonfire at 322 #3 (cru)
Volleyball Tournament (cru)
Hanging out spoon invitations to first Thursday night (cru)
Chillin with Joy VanDeLoo and friends
Discipleship (cru)/Chill time with Ben Miller
Hanging out with Sarah Ogburn
Hanging out with Jenny JENNY
Picking Lara up from the airport
Servant Team meetings (cru)
Monday night block parties (cru)
Six nights of pray walk (cru)
Dinner line surveys, two days (cru)
One early morning of prayer walk (cru)
Finally going to church near school with some friends
Picking up Sujo with Teal (cru)
Sujo John outreach (cru)
Being discipled by Derek Z (cru)
Coffee with Jenny JENNY again

All with 15 credits (5 courses) and quiet time about every morning. It?s been an amazing blessing and to be honest after writing it out I?m having some reservations over posting this, but I don?t want to just delete it. So hopefully I?ll write something more tonight that will cover this up and bury it a bit. Eh, it?ll be very nice to be able to sit down and relax and enjoy the company of my floor.

Keep living His blessing,