Read this in a BBC Talkback article, ?Europe is already defeated. You may as well run-up the white flag and make it official! Bin Laden gauges Europe correctly! Weak, soft, impotent, decadent, etc.? hahahaha. Onto my post.


All honor is lost on a person who?s never experienced it. The concept is so inconceivable and, sometimes, ghastly. The concept of honor is based in a hard set of morals, holding yourself to such a high standard that you would and will impose self punishment for acting immoral or acting out of what you need to do in order to reach a set goal. To dishonor yourself, your family, or (worst of all) your God are all unacceptable.

Why has honor gone the way of so many other traditions (such as chivalry)? Though for different reasons then chivalry (which has much to do with the women?s rights movement and the slipping of men?s understands of man?s role in society) they are both recent occurrences in our culture. There is a growing sentiment in America that we are a self made people, that everything that happens to us or for us comes about because of some chain of actions we set in motion. If it were set in motion only a short while ago, or years past, we are Directly responsible for our lives and their outcome.

If our lives are run on the assumption that we are living a self-made life then we are only letting ourselves down when we fail to meet expectations. This does two things; it increases the chances for depression and feelings if diminished self worth, and removes the needs for honor in our society. Being self-made implies that we are self-dependant from others both in reliance and dependence, as reliance and dependence are interwoven. Without needing anyone but yourself you are then removed from any responsibility for the wellbeing for others. That responsibility is what drives honor, you would go to extreme measures to assure you wouldn?t dishonor your family, especially your parents, and even greater measure to not dishonor God.

After recently watching ?House of Sand and Fog? this has become so increasingly clear. The ending of that movie was truly a beautiful representation of what it means to be Honorable. Ben Kingsly transcends the feels and attitude perfectly. I wish I had been raised with a larger sense of honor then I have, respect I hold in immense quantities, but respect is not honor.

Take care and may God continue to bless your soul in your daily walk,