So earlier I was driving back from dropping some pictures off to get printed at target and picking up some books I didn’t realize I needed for my STINT. Eh, whats a couple more books anyway. Afterall they could prove interesting and insightful. For the last couple days, however, I haven’t really been feeling all that intimate with the Lord. Now there was Wednesday night (which was awesome, I’ll write about it below), but otherwise just feel kind of meh. It’s the anticipation of embarking on something as awesome as a year overseas with Christ. I’m not one to normally get overwhelmed by, or even get, stress but it hit me: Stress is my trigger.

Then it hit me as I was driving down hwy 212 that my anticipation was stress. That the stress really was only there because of worry, and worry must be cast upon the Lord. So that’s just what I did, prayed it up for the next while in the car and could feel the anxiety and anticipation slipping away. Actually, as I’m writing this I’m realizing I should probably do that again before I turn in tonight.

As for last Wednesday, we had a creative team dessert night for Substance. It was a blast, a bunch of us who helped out on the video for the one year anniversary service went out. Well I live on the other side of town from them. It’s about a 25 minute drive with no traffic and we were meeting. The jeep (which we’re selling soon) gets weird when the gas tank is low. I started the car, checked the miles to empty, and it read 55. This was good news since I figured it’d take about 40 miles worth to get there. Start heading over and get caught in traffic on the interstate. Check it again, about 5 minutes later, and it says about 27. Shot up one of those SOS prayers asking the Lord to sustain the fuel until I was able to fill it up at the station by their house in Fridley.

Traffic was horrible! I took one interstate, that wasn’t moving, and the only reason I took it was because the eastbound highway I was on wasn’t moving just beyond the exit. So now I decide to shoot over to the original northbound highway I wanted to get too. It most likely would have been faster to just wait it out earlier. Stoplight after stoplight, and traffic that sometimes felt like it forgot to move during the greens. Thankfully the original route is much quicker and I was back on my way. The normal 25 minute trip took me about an hour. As I pull off of the interstate I look down and to my amazement the gas gauge hasn’t moved, the miles till empty meter still says 55… After an hour of highway driving.

I throw some praise up to the Lord for taking care of my worry over gas in the car and look down to the closest gas station which is just past the next light. No more then five seconds after saying my ‘amen’ I hear a ding, as the gas light goes on. Look up to watch the miles to empty droping by fives from 25 to 20 all the way to 0. I pull into the gas station no problem, pumped some petrol, and was on my way down the block to her house.

It was a much needed night of talking about what the Lord was doing in each of our lives. I feel like it helped me with being able to move on and away from substance for the year. I can’t wait to get back and see all the crazy people God has brought together over this year!!

I’m out, Continue to bask and yell out the Glory of Christ,