It’s so unreal being here in France, to really be here. To wake up and breath French air and to talk to people in French and have them understand. For my mispronunciations to be caught be someone else. Finally realizing that I will be here through July, it’s so weird. That is so long, yet at the same time so awesome. To be able to have committed so much of my life (at the end of this year, nearly a quarter of my Christian life) so strongly for Christ without regard for myself. Now to be witness to the Lord provision for all my needs in such an obvious way. I am speaking French better and more frequently than I ever have, learning new words and putting together new sentences, and more excited about what the Lord has in store than I can ever remember.

Being away will be weird. I’ve had quite a few talks about relationships, being so far apart and how that will work. It has been very affirming for my relationship with Jordan. Just the Lords promise of honoring those who honor/follow His will (1 Samuel 2:30) and we are doing that. He spoke to me and burdened my heart, I followed and left her behind to study. Even if we will not end up together, the Lord will honor us both for not only putting him first, but acting upon faith. The nature of your heart spews forth in our actions. That is something I am so very excited about. Also that my prayer is even stronger for have taken such a step, and followed so closely after the Lord in this calling upon my life. Something I feel too few people have ever experienced and I never want to leave.

Tomorrow it’s off to St. Sernien for the ‘flee’ market to see what we can get to finish furnishing out our apartments. There are only a couple things I can think of needing and hopefully we can find some good stuff. Also having a little contest against the ladies to see what group can get the best thing for under 30 euros. We’ll see what we come up with. Hopefully we’ll have internet in our apartment soon and I’ll be able to make more consistent updates and actually keep up with email. Until next time…

Continue to seek nothingness before Christ,