“Everything comes from the soil that already exists?”

No matter where you look nothing is new. To be new you have to come from nothing, and everything has come from it’s past and the worlds history. No thought is original and no idea unique. The harder you try to discover something the more you fall into the rut of repetitive and previous thought.

In a world so concerned with maintaining the concepts that are construed within one’s head, we forget to realize that no idea is truly our own. That in a subconscious portion of our brain, our experiences and intellect are melded to infer a concept that we understand to be of our own creation. While we ignore the true source of this idea, those for mentioned experiences.

What experiences contribute to this process of self-epiphany? Everything that we go through on a day-to-day basis will impact and further our ability to infer. From sitting in on a class, reading books, holding in depth conversations, feeling hurt/love/pain/joy, to physical activities like running, eating, and even sleeping. All are building up our subconscious arsenal from which our thought process is based upon and will constantly draw from.

With nothing in life truly being original we are left with a void. The excitement of having a truly unique thought and idea, which is inspiring to say the least, is now vanquished. However the ability to infer previous concepts to a point of audibility, grasping your creative nature into a current problem or situation is rewarding in and of it’s own nature.

Even this piece is not of original thought, inspired by a teacher today who said the introduction. Now the main dilemma arises as to weather or not I inform you as to who has inspired me. While those experiences have allowed me access to this point and this information, without my inference none of this would matter anyway. The way that I infer information is also a learnt behavior based on other and similar experiences that I draw my inferences from.

That everything, from how you were brought up, the books you’ve read, the clothes you wear, and the people you talk to, effect the most basic and simple mind processes. Allowing each and everyone of us the key to becoming who it is we wish to be, simply by molding the experiences that we endure and enjoy (or suffer through). In the end, everything is up to you, based on your knowledge and willingness to experience ‘new’ things to broaden your inference library.

Take care and God bless,