Well I’m sitting here in my Honors English Seminar realizing that in only nine hours I will be leaving Stout for home. Every year it gets even easier to hold this event and it’s interesting how that has coincided with the growing of my faith. If it weren’t for the presence of God in my life I would not be able to achieve the level of comfort or achievement.

Everything is more or less in place right now; I have a little bit of work to do while I’m in Duluth but nothing to drastic. Printing up media/staff/vip passes and that’s about it. I’d really appreciate any prayers you could send my way for things to go well this upcoming weekend.

If anything comes up and you need me just give my phone a ring. It will always be on like it always is.

Well time to get back to English and some more crazy class time.

Take care and God bless,