I’m here, made it to Keystone. Reflecting back to the night before I left, and even yesterday my first day here, there has been this dream like feel to it all. I believe I am still in that state of being, only starting to get used to it. This is all so surreal and incomprehensible to me. We’ve had a couple large group sessions so far, where there are 500 people in one room, who in a matter of months will be all over the world sharing the gospel and expanding the kingdom of God! We’re in something around 30 countries, and 67 cities (if my memory is correct). Thinking about it is amazing, I’m sitting in one room, with laborers of Christ who will be on every major continent (all but Antarctica) reaching out and ministering to and with college students. The future eternity of the world is in part resting on the shoulders of 500 twenty something year old brothers and sisters in Christ.

What has been truly humbling is realizing the different roads and paths that God has taken us on to get every one of us here. That God has set everything into our paths so that we would be here, and every single story is different. From deep burdened hearts for a people group to sleepless nights awaken by God’s love for those lost from Him. I’ve been learning so much, and had my heart touched so deeply already this week. There is something very unique and special about being able to come together with so many called and sent believers in Christ. That paired with God giving me the desire for a more humble heart and authenticity has most likely brought this about.

Update on my travel situation, it appears that since some of our team is a bit short in the finance department our departure date is going to be moved back slightly. That is all I know as of right now, we might wait and fly out as a team, or go as we have the support raised. Which could mean I’m out there the second weekend in September, or the last. They need to have a meeting with a couple people to figure that out for sure. So little bit more of a delay in our departure but I still can’t wait to get over there! So for those of you from Stout, it looks like I could very well be there for freshman week after all!! Super excited about that! More details to come, like I said.

I’m off to climb a mountain, or something like that. You have to being in Colorado!

Continue to let God mold you into the likeness of His Son,