I’m continuing to work on my lack of blogging and just introspection in general this summer. It’s been a very fast week that is about to either; speed up, or slow down. Tomorrow morning I have an 11:19 flight out to Denver for the International STINT Campus Crusade briefing. None of us really know what we will be doing there for the week (I return on the evening of the 24th) but it is promising to be a lot of team building, and motivation with a mix of speakers, break out sessions, and general chill time. I’ll be taking a bunch of pictures and might be able to update once or twice while I’m out there.

Sunday morning they took a special offering at Substance for me, I have been so blessed by the time and money I’ve put into that church. To see it become one of the fastest growing church plants has been amazing. I can’t wait to see where they are at in a year when I get back. SOOOOO exciting for everyone there, God is beginning to move in a huge way through those willing to be bold for His kingdom. I grabbed dinner that night with a missionary family that my parents have supported for years and it was great to hear what they had to say about their ministry and words of wisdom for myself.

Monday was uneventful, then today I had another appointment, met up with pops downtown and then went out to lunch with Kyle, my younger brother. It was really our last time to hang out and talk before he leaves for the year and me as well. Some Chipolte and we were both doing well, made more phone calls and had a dinner with my parents. For being a guy who has never been really keen on the family, I’ve really enjoyed the time with them and will miss hanging out with them this next year.

The fact that I’m going on this trip is really starting to set in. When I get back from Colorado Kyle will already be out at Penn State, my mom will still be out there helping him move in, and I will be gearing up to bring in the last of my support.

Well it’s getting late and I must finish packing for this next week. Not a clue what I need to bring but I’ll figure it out.

God bless your heart,