Last night was a blast and really I what I thought and expected from college. A bunch of us went to the commons for dinner and then after that came back and Scott set up his TV in the lobby. We all sat around and watched Chicago (which is a really good movie if you haven’t seen it), there were about 35 of us in there. It was fun to see so many people in one spot.

After that a bunch of us filed into neds car and drove around for a while to no avail and came back (not really sure what they thought was going to happen but I was up for something). We more or less just talked and made jokes in the car then parked it when we didn’t find anything to do and went back up to the lobby.

I went and found the Lauras and we grabbed some chalk and went outside, Kohlwey got cold and went back inside after a few minutes so the other Laura (brodhun) went around with some chalk writing on stuff. Went to the rocks we were at last night to discover then were a September 11th memorial, yea didn’t draw on that. We walked around for a while longer talking and then made a sweet maze (I’m not sure if it is still there or not yet) on this giant cement slab. Before we were done Sean, drunk college guy, came along and jumped his way through the maze… was worth making the maze right there. Then we went back upstairs and watched One Hour Photo with the lauras, ned, and myself. Still a weird movie, I still hate Robin Williams after watching it.

I really had a great night. The maze is still there as of my walk back from lunch. Not sure what is up today.

Take Care and God Bless,