Life is an orchestra of strings that need to be pulled and tugged at the right moments. When you are doing it correctly the music of life flows perfectly without a hitch. The strings move back and forth, with the utmost grace and a sense of tranquility. Days flow nearly seamlessly with one another painting a picture of life that is undeniably beautiful. The orchestra of strings plays as the conductor leads, keeping an eye over all that is happening in his life, knowing when to pull which strings to only add to the painted picture.

Unlike other ensembles, the strings don’t have time to rehearse or practice. More importantly the conductor is seeing the music for the first time as it unfold in front of him. Utilizing all that he has within himself he leads the strings in subtly synchronized dance. Trying to look ahead he looses his place and the delicate balance falls from it’s tranquility into chaos. Strings are suddenly jerked as he re-locates his spot on the page until he is back into rhythm. Back into those beautifully sweet sounds.

The only question left begs to ask if he will glimpse ahead again and if you will.