With summer winding down to a close and courses starting again in a matter of weeks, Jordan and I took our last run away date for the summer. I realized I didn’t have any footage of the Wisconsin Countryside so here are your cows, corn, barns, and forests.

One thought on “video: rural wisconsin

  1. Hi Paul,

    I was just glancing over your website and enjoying seeing the process you’ve gone through moving back to the States. I’ve recently writen you another email with an update on Toulouse (by the way, it is Zeina’s birthday today) but the email is stuck in my inbox because I’ve lost my internet connection. Is there anyway you could work your healing touch on my computer again and help me get Wanadoo going again? Shoot me an email if you’re up for it, I can call you if that’d be easier. Sorry, this is posted to your site but I wasn’t sure of your email address. Blessings on you as you get ready to start another school year. Glad there’s a market outside your front door once a week. Heidi de Toulouse

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