Fat people pay more!!

It’s about time, for a long time it hasn’t made sense that overweight people, who use more fabric, pay the same price as the rest of us. Tonight at target I saw for the second time prices that reflect the true use of resources. Not only will it help the rest of us, in shape folk, save money but also encourage those who have eaten themselves into a lifestyle of expensiveness (eating excess food, buying newer clothes that fit, and now paying more for the same clothes).

Other industries have already done this, they charge more for more food (try asking for a large fry for the small fry price), bigger photo prints cost more than smaller, and bigger gas tanks take more to fill.

I know that writing this may come across as harsh, but the truth is that our culture is to widely acceptable of un-healthy behaviors in general. Eating to much isn’t good for you, it causes obesity which can lead to a number of diseases (diabetes for example).

Earlier today I also heard a commercial on the radio for a health company who mentioned that they are looking for a cure to obesity… please, this is outrageous. People are overweight because they eat to much, are not getting much physical exercise, and aren’t watching what they eat anyway (eating junk isn’t as good for you as eating healthier).

It’s frustrating. After living in Europe for a year and returning here it is very obvious that we, as a whole, just don’t care. For so long we were concerned about women getting trapped into dangerous battles with eating disorders that we silently encouraged everyone to eat everything in sight. I hope that I’m never more then 20 pounds heavier then I am now.

One thought on “Fat People Pay More!

  1. I’d just like to say, Paul, that I have been struggling with my weight for most of my life. I wear some of these larger sizes and I think that this post is incredibly unfair. I don’t eat that much more than a normal person eats, I walk incredibly amounts every day and here I am, still the size I am. So because I was born with a shitty metabolism, I should of course be fined because I have to wear larger clothes than someone else. Do you realize how elitist and judgemental you sound? I don’t think you do.

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