This was a visually stunning masterpiece. The depiction was very accurate to the biblical description of the events. There was very little artistic verse taken although at times it would have been much easier on Gibson and the rest of the cast.

The shear amount of gore and blood, in my opinion, was still understated but very powerful and impacting. Watching the flesh torn from his side by the workings of the cat of nine tails helps one to understand the brutality that He went through. The film evoked such feelings and emotions. Leaving you feeling so helpless to stop it from happening because it is on the screen echoes the reality that we are truly helpless to stop it from happening. He went through all of that because of my sins and shortfalls. That ever step of the way he carried the cross was out of love, how he was able to keep almost completely silent throughout his flogging and crucifixion, unlike any man would have been able to.

To see Him hanging on the cross, blood running over his body and down the wood finally puts it into perspective. The true atrocities that we all deserve for what we think about, the way we look at people, actions we take and even things we don’t think of as sin. That because of God’s grace we don’t have to endure that, that we are able to join Him for all of eternity in the holiest of all places. All we have to do is open the door and let Him into our life, that the choice to follow and accept, or reject all that has been give, is left to us.

If you are feeling remotely interested in this film go and check it out. Even from a non-Christian standpoint it is still a very well done film. Utilizing very solid and well placed cinematographic techniques. The flashbacks are excellently done, the entire film flows very well and keeps a very consistent balance of emotion that coincides with the building and climax of the story.

Just my few cents and God bless.

ps. I cried four or five times, so don’t feel bad if you do as well.

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