Well it is not about sixteen hours until we get together before our passion outreach here at stout and I am thrilled. The evangelism team, for the UW stout Campus Crusaide for Christ, got together tonight for pizza up at Ted’s as a little pre-event dinner. Just went over any last minute concerns, I was a little late because I had to come from the bible study and head up there. It was a good time and super humbling to be a part of. Plus I got hooked up with some pizza because Derek is a sexy man.

Rest of the day has been less eventful, We started to dig into our next drawing project today and I’m really liking how mine is coming along. Will be a major improvement over my last one. Ok back to the passion deal, I’m just super excited about this.

Almost my entire next two days are devoted to this out reach. Tomorrow still have to make some print work for it. On top of that we are meeting up at 4:30 to pray and then set things up. Hand out the tickets at 5:00 until they are gone, I’m going to give it between 30-45 minutes before they are all gone. First showing is at seven, second at nine-thirty. I’m a councilor for the movie so hopefully there will be some guys who need someone to talk to after the show and I can let the Lord work through me in that. Will probably take them out for coffee (Caribou is staying open until 11:00 for us!) and then the later showing we’re going to 322 or the jungle (off campus houses). I’m soooo excited for this. After all that excitement we have some stuff we need to sort through and put into piles and then around 2:00am we’re going eat breakfast and our fast is over (yea forgot to mention that, we aren’t going to eat all today for kicks). Then spend the rest of the morning in prayer until classes start.

Oh and I’m thinking about fasting with my youth group from back home, so Friday through Saturday evening sometime. I duno, I think I just like fasting. Though I should be careful because I don’t have all that much weight on me as it is?

Well I’m gonna take care of some of the printing stuff for tomorrow and then turn in! I know I should just turn in but I’m quite excited about all of this! AHHHHHH. I will have two entries coming up, probably in the same day (Thursday); One as a review of the movie and the other as a low down of what happened with the outreach.

Take care and God bless,

ps. also thank you very much to everyone who has been praying for me over the past couple days. It has made a world of difference in how I feel and look at what I’m going through with work.