When I found out that I was to be the new evangelism team leader for Campus Crusade for Christ at UW – Stout I was pretty excited about it. I also realized that I had some learning to do in order to be ready for this upcoming year. Going to france was key in my growth but this book was one on a list of several that was suggested in relation to the coveted ‘E’ word, evangelism.

It isn’t what I expected, I was looking for a sort of how too book of sorts. What it did really well was explain its self in a manner that anyone should be able to understand. Drawing tremendous references from the example that Jesus set forth during the three years of evangelism that He and his disciples did in Israel and the surrounding countryside and cities. While this wasn’t a mind blowing revelation from what I had known and assumed of how evangelism was to work and happen, it was comforting.

The book went through several different steps, one per chapter, of how the process works; Selection, Association, Consecration, Impartation, Demonstration, Delegation, Supervision, and Reproduction. Breaking down to it’s essence the concept of body evangelism. Some of the reviews I read said that the book should be called something along the lines of ‘Master Plan of Discipleship’ and while it would have been a fitting title it wouldn’t transcend the main points of the book. That only those who are strong and found in their faith will see true success in evangelism, that strength comes from following someone who is strong in faith, and when they reach that point they will then be told how to return what they received to others. The natural cycle of evangelism.

All-in-all this was a good book, quick read as well (believe it was about 4 hours for me, if that). Take a moment to sit down and enjoy it, going into it with the proper mindset would be important. Don’t expect a golden key of ministry evangelism, because there isn’t one, rather expect to have a very well thought out and written explanation of the ministry of Jesus Christ.


As for me, reading this was very encouraging and helpful. I’m going into a leadership position and to be able to read how Christ did evangelism two-thousand years ago and to realize how similar it is to what I have planned, needless to say it was comforting. The way things are planned to work this year at stout is that groups of Christian students find something in common with non-Christians and through that build relationships and trust, allowing them to experience Christ through us. Building a desire and a need for Him in their lives. That and being honest about what were doing, their college students and can handle it.

God bless,