Part two in the series. (part 1)

A counterpoint to my last entry. I don’t really believe that it’s feminism that is ‘destroying’ manhood, but rather taking advantage of a larger and more unchecked/un-noticed problem. A problem that I’ve personally address a couple times in my life, and it is just that, unique and personal. No one is spared and no one is immune from being a part of there own and personal problem. It is the unchecked nature by which we live our lives and the things that we allow to dwell within our hearts that secretly destroy us from the inside out.

While I won’t ever write personal things about/from others up here, I can showcase and draw out my own wounds over the internet. As I was moving things over to this new site (now without the blog. prefix) there was the personal info page. Moving it and glancing through it’s short text I read this line, “sometimes raw and painful as flesh meets light but all the while real with the grace of God.” It is a need we have to look into our lives, alone or with the help of close friends, to see who it is we really are and to uncover why we do certain things. As a culture this has been looked down upon. You can agree or not, but the fact is that we are brought up to not show weakness or admit brokenness, rather to ‘embrace who we are’ and that it is ok. I’m here to bring a newsflash, it isn’t ok.

Now I’m not saying that your physical appearance isn’t ok, God made you look that way, love it and praise him for your self proclaimed imperfections, but the stuff inside your heart and mind is not how God made you, that is how your choices have formed you. It is this that starts to reveal the deeper issue, and the reason I don’t full heartedly agree with the previous entry. I will give examples later as I work through some current issues of mine, but the bases is that as a society men are not encouraged to grow by looking at their hearts and minds, because of that they are left to see the importance of decisions and don’t step up to their responsibility. This isn’t new, the lack of responsibility, it was what ended up cursing Adam and Eve (everyone), as He didn’t accept the responsibility and lead courageously in their relationship. So she did.

The void of leadership (not just any kind, but strong Godly leadership) left a void that she ended up stepping in. In our country and culture today we have left a void, rather created one by not leading as we should have, as Christ showed us how to, but instead how Adam did in the garden. The feminist movement is nothing more then an attempt to rebalance the lack of leadership, responsibility, and lack of courageousness in our country and world. Is that movement the end all? No, but it is crippling men from stepping up into the rolls they must be in because of the mask of “embracing who we are” and seek to be refined and conformed into the likeness of Christ.