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Growing up as a male in our American culture we are left wondering what our roll should be. Now it doesn’t help that most of us have been raised by women who are unable to teach us what we must be like to be Men. It also is a problem that the men we live around are to scared to stand up for what they believe in. This is a double edges sword that is cutting down authentic and biblical manhood.

Let me make my first point very clear, I don’t care how you dress/look/speak. It is of the utmost importance that as men, you act as men. Women were designed with a desire for affection and love from Men (while sometimes it isn’t as prevalent due to a number of possible reasons) and Men are to lead. We are to define what is right and wrong, what we will do and what we must avoid, and what is upright and what is detestable. Yet we are living in a culture where our roll as men has been held captive by those who do not completely understand what they are doing.

This has only become more of a realization for me as I recently read an article about, of all things, the marlboro man and other insights into marketing campaigns geared towards men. They are at a loss for how to reach out to the male audience around the world because of a loss of identity due to female influence.

I won’t pin this completely on the women, because men did not stand up when they should have, but it is creating an entire generation of weak men who do not know what their roll in society and life truly should be. We are only starting to see it’s impact on culture, and soon will see it much broader than that. The years to come will hold some very unique and new challenges.

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    “We are a generation of males rasied by our mothers” – Tyler Durden

    Or is this just the evolution of socitey, the equality of all, the bringing of balance between males and females and your just behind the ball, unable or unwilling to change?

    Actually I do not believe you are alone in that view point as I believe many a man is of the same or smiliar thought. Your just one willing to actually voice your opinion without fear of retribution.

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