This past weekend was our spring retreat for our crusade movement here at Stout. It was a fun weekend to spend hanging out with friends and meeting new people. While the content of the talk was fairly familiar to me, the Lord still moved in that time to revel things to me that require my attention.

Nothing in my faith has been as fundamental or important as the time I spend daily praying and weekly fasting. This past weekend the Lord reminded me how much he wants to hear my prayers so that he can give the answer to them that he wants too.

“You do not have, because you do not ask God.” James 4:2
For a long time now I have been rationalizing my prayers to god, trying to explain to Him why he should answer my petition and this truth had been forgotten. That God desires to answer our prayers and I was lacking to confidence to believe that.

Instead believing that it was my persuasiveness that would bring God’s will to earth, not his infinite love and passion for his children.