It has been a few weeks since we returned from NYC but it was a really fun trip. After finals were done we headed to the twin cities and took off the next morning for New York. The balance of just finishing another semester with being somewhere on vacation is just awesome.

We bounced around the city quite a bit. Doing our share of walking and sightseeing. Day one was pretty relaxed, we got in that afternoon and wandered around Time Square by the hotel (in the rain…), grabbed dinner, and then saw Phantom of the Opera.

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Day two (17th) we walked all over the place. We headed from our hotel down Broadway to the empire state building (went to the observation deck), went further down the island walked through China Town, and then over to a place we could get some shots of the Brooklyn bridge. Jumped back up to our hotel at Time Square and caught dinner before going to see Mama Mia. That night after the show we walked over to Rockefeller Center and took a few shots, went back to the hotel for some drinks and called it a night.

Empire State - 8 IMG_2351.JPG

Day three (18th) we headed up to the MET and wandered their halls for a while. I really enjoy that museum a lot (and Jordan did too). On the way back we stopped for a ride in a handsome cab through Central Park, poked our heads in at Tiffanies, and then wandered through a market set up on several city blocks. That night we grabbed dinner and then headed off to see Wicked.

Visitors to the Met - 9 IMG_2361.JPG

Our final day in NYC we headed down to Grand Central Terminal, World Trade Center Site, Wall Street to see the NYSE, and then on too Battery Park and jumped the Ferry over to Jersey so we could swing past the Statue of Liberty and not have to pay (or wait in the multi-hour line). It again was raining but we made fun anyway. Had a late lunch over at the Navy Pier (I believe it was called). That night we saw Hairspray.

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Now we’re back in the Midwest for the summer.

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  1. Fun to hear about what y’all are up to . Fun pics too! Hope you are doing well. I bet Phantom of the Opera was awesome..I’ve always wanted to see it. Take care!!!!!!!! Lata.

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