The Future

My soul longs for words to say,
For direction to show the way,
To find comfort in this place

The world revolves within its grove,
For me it doesn?t seem to move,
No matter how hard I try.

It’s adorn me with no face,
This cold world and quickened pace,
What I?d give for a shimmer of grace.

I’ve hung on as long as I can,
Only wondering where you’ve been,
In short time it will happen.

What I don’t know,
But I’m not willing to go.

/paul prins 9-5-03

To see the words I wrote a year ago, to feel the emotion and pain that was so evident in my life them. Looking to where I sought refuge from it all. I can’t help but be filled with praise for these words, for finding them today and how they effected my outlook on tomorrow and the future. It took me several more months after I wrote this to really understand what I was desiring and seeking. Nearly four months to the day I filled out my application to spend the summer in France, seven and a half months later I applied to be the evangelism team leader, eight months later I was the team leader, and I could keep going. I spent so much time seeking out different things to satisfy me. That would cure my need for grace and love. I exhausted myself looking and searching everywhere I knew too. When I went to rest I was caught up into the arms of Christ.

Thank you father for taking me when I didn’t dare utter your name and for showing me the world which you died for. Thank you for giving me your life, may I live it until I no longer can and meet you face to face.

keep living His blessing,