The last several days have been, not so sound over dramatic, AMAZING. Well since Sunday anyway. Sunday I was realizing that I needed to seek harder after Christ again in my life (could have something to do with Peter Haas’ sermon on Saturday night!) and was brought back to what I’ve really been focusing on the last couple months (for personal growth). Just prayed my little brains out best He could and wow. Things have been sooooo different this week. If anyone is wondering what to study start with prayer.

With pray a strong in your spiritual discipline you are seek out Christ so much easier and more effectively. It’s so hard to see people desiring so much for their lives, so much that God wants them to have, and see them unsure of how to attain it. Looking at it as thought it’s on display in a department store street window and they don’t have the money to buy it yet. Does not God own everything including the money you have and don’t have! You don’t have what you need because you’ve yet to either; ask for it (truly seeking God and believe in faith that he will answer your petition), don’t realize you need it, or haven’t asked correctly (the bible says that when you ask you HAVE received, so if you don?t receive it there must be something wrong in how you ask). Now onto yesterday!

so had D-time with Chris (room mate) and ben. Ben and me are doing a fast for a day and a half starting tomorrow. Then one of my friends at a different school was talking to be online as I was putting something together for Ben and I told her what I was doing. Now she is doing it as well! They both really just want to know God better and more personally and it’s sooooo awesome.

Then I went up to the rock to talk to jay about some girl stuff, bleh, but I get up there and they are kicking tom out of the house (tom has been kicked out of his house, this time he left, bad relationships with his family and a lot of personal baggage). They are kicking him out because he’s been there for two weeks and nothing has really changed in his life aside from him getting a job.

As jay and me are talking out back tom comes out after the guys of the house finish telling him he has to leave, he’s very broken down at this point and so we invite him over. God really calmed toms heart and talked through me to him, where he was at. After a couple hours we actually even came up with a good plan for what to do to get his life back on track so that he can serve the lord. Came up with a really good way to start to mend things with his family. Also has a very good approach to start to untangle his personal life so that he doesn’t need to be so dependant and can truly start giving to others. He’s really pretty excited. I saw him give that smile that you only see on someone’s face when they see hope and something that’s been gone for a long time

Then tonight was talking to Teal online and we got into our first really deep spiritual conversation after an off hand comment of mine where I said that “all she needed to do was stand up.” I went into more depth and God just gave us an amazing conversation. For some time now I’ve been praying and seeking for a way to explain to people the importance of seeking hard after Christ NOW rather then later. It’s quite awesome what God revealed to us, I’ll post it in a couple days (as, just like me, it is going through a refining process) on here. So yea, wow. Great day!

Keep living His blessing