ink exemplifies

slowly flowing from within
your love fills my heart
starting as the pen touches paper,
the ink exemplifying love

I never knew
now have felt

through hands lifting my eyes
to look only upon you
in an instant I’ll understand
a life of waiting, with hope.
these eyes have seen beauty

fields of wind swept grain
sun kissed snow swept peaks
radiating sunsets skimming sea

eyes left unprepared for a moment
that started when pen touched paper
ink exemplifying the love
the beauty I see in you.

7/4/04 / paris, france

To be with you is to be Home


Moment by Moment my life goes past,

spent missing you, who I live for
spent dreaming here of the moment we?ll touch
spent quietly waiting for that instant

The instant making my moments worth while

Then I’ll be home.

Your everywhere I am in everything I see,

bringing closed eyes back to you
bringing soft smiles, warming my heart
bringing dreams of that final place,

the place where we’ll finally embrace

Then I’ll be home.

My essence pains at your distance,

longing to feel your comfort
longing for your embrace
longing till the moment

the moment that will start our forever

Then I’ll be home.

7/4/04 / paris, france

What I’m scared to say


Fluttering lights flicker past
Windows streaked by rain
Tonight as the sun sets
Hidden behind confused clouds
Ringing themselves into nothing
As horns sound in the distance
Turning my eyes to streaks
Drips who glide so consistently
Its rhythm sends my mind.

Away, back to you
Thoughts suddenly flood in
Remembering nights alone with hope
Warmth resonating from your eyes
Caring from afar

how you pick me up
from the May storm
i long to forget?

You were there, so now I smile.

As the sun finally sets
My hand caresses the switch
Lights go out leaving a void
Darkness creeps in with a chill
It?s cold, I?m cold

where are you
come here
i need you
I love you
thank you.

7/4/04 / paris, france