To big for the Bus
Finally we were able to discover the magical nook in which the mattress was waiting for us. We walked around to the front of Midica and realized that we wouldn’t fit on the bus (which also solved the question of if the mattress would need a metro ticket). We were off!! But we had to be very cautious of the evil that was lurking around the corners.

4 replies on “Photos: Our Great Mattress Capper

  1. I like that story, sounds quite familiar. I enjoy the last picture seeing my room……I’m mean YOUR room and my old bedspread and sheets on the other mattress 🙂 so funny to see. Glad you are able to actually sleep in the room now. May Larreybe as comfy and full of memories for you as it was for me! ~ Missy

  2. “Two Thumbs Up” “A stirring, emotional tale that is bound to take our nation by storm”

  3. Hey my name is Tara, and I was on Summer Project in Toulouse this past summer. My heart is still there, I’m finding out. Tiffany is a friend of mine– I go to school at UW Madison, so she gave me this website address. I’ll be checking it often, and I can’t wait to learn of all the things God is going to do with you guys in Toulouse! I haven’t read much of your entries yet, but I will over Christmas break for sure. Have you met Smauel yet? His story is in my blog (, and it’s entitled “Am I dreaming too?” Samuel had a dream about Jesus the very night before I met him. There’s more to the story that’s not in my blog; I’ll email it to you if you’re really interested. As far as guys go, the ones I’ve been praying for are: Samuel, Hugo, Pierre, and Sophiane. Have you met any of them yet??? Tell Tiff to keep the emails coming to me (and let me know what’s up with Anne Pauline)! I so badly want to be back in France, but until I come on STINT, getting emails from you guys and reading your online journals will have to do. 🙂 JOSHUA 1:9. He has commanded you. 🙂

    all glory to Him,

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