We had our fall retreat last weekend in Montpellier and this is a shot from the main place there. The Opera house is at the end of the place and some resturats to the right. Simply beautiful.

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  1. Hi

    My name is Benjamin- I’m a senior now and I go to Benilde-St. Margaret’s Highschool in St. Louis Park MN. I live in Eden Praire- I also used to be in troop 597. Waaaay back in the day. But today- I was sitting in Math Class, and a friend of mine- Kevin- was wearing a sweatshirt that said “Cowtipping Productions.” It seemed oddly familiar, and than I remembed you and your brother. I also remembered you talking about some production company making skiing videos. So I googled the company and I was reminded of your name, then I found this. I’m positive you are one and the same person as the one I remember- but you seem extremely changed. (I remember you being mean and standoffish… although I don’t blame you- I was pretty much a giant brat) All in all, I just wanted to say “whats up” and that it really is a small world. Good luck in Paris, what you are doing is incredible.


  2. Ben,
    Yea, back when I was in boyscouts I was quite a different guy. I actually came to know Christ on my 18th birthday (ironically the same day one can no longer be a boyscout). It’s been an amazing transformation from where I was headed to now where Christ is taking me too. I wish you had left your email so I could have sent you a note, as i’m not sure you will check this comment section again or not. If ya do hit up a comment with your email (it doesn’t get posted on the web-side of the site, only on the administrative side. If you happen to read this again thank you for your encouragement. It’d be fun to meet up when I return from France next summer for lunch or coffee if you’re still around EP. Continue to be blessed by Christ,

  3. Okay now I read the Mattress Caper… good stuff. All those pictures are so crazy-familiar it hurts! Yeah, you’ll get random people spoting things (like me), and if your time is anything like mine was, people you know from back home will be rediculously touched by yor blog-ish thing. I know that was something I didn’t expect, but God did it! It was funny- for me I was worried about leaving home for the summer because I felt like maybe God wanted me to be with my family and work through me there (my family doesn’t know the Lord), but He took care of that anyway because I followed Him! It’s just so cool how He works in so many more ways than I could possibly imagine. Okay, enough rambling from me. You are blessed!

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