I bought one (cheapest I could find)!
I acquired this slip of paper that allowed me to ‘receive’ a mattress upon ‘payment.’ This was one of the sneakiest ways that I have ever gotten my treasure before.

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  1. I like that story, sounds quite familiar. I enjoy the last picture seeing my room……I’m mean YOUR room and my old bedspread and sheets on the other mattress 🙂 so funny to see. Glad you are able to actually sleep in the room now. May Larreybe as comfy and full of memories for you as it was for me! ~ Missy

  2. “Two Thumbs Up” “A stirring, emotional tale that is bound to take our nation by storm”

  3. Hey my name is Tara, and I was on Summer Project in Toulouse this past summer. My heart is still there, I’m finding out. Tiffany is a friend of mine– I go to school at UW Madison, so she gave me this website address. I’ll be checking it often, and I can’t wait to learn of all the things God is going to do with you guys in Toulouse! I haven’t read much of your entries yet, but I will over Christmas break for sure. Have you met Smauel yet? His story is in my blog (www.withallofmyheart.blogspot.com), and it’s entitled “Am I dreaming too?” Samuel had a dream about Jesus the very night before I met him. There’s more to the story that’s not in my blog; I’ll email it to you if you’re really interested. As far as guys go, the ones I’ve been praying for are: Samuel, Hugo, Pierre, and Sophiane. Have you met any of them yet??? Tell Tiff to keep the emails coming to me (and let me know what’s up with Anne Pauline)! I so badly want to be back in France, but until I come on STINT, getting emails from you guys and reading your online journals will have to do. 🙂 JOSHUA 1:9. He has commanded you. 🙂

    all glory to Him,

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