This theme is actually several months old and has been around the block a bit by this point. It is called Cotolance (Coo-toe-lance) and was developed for the company blog of Nineteen05, my web development company. This blog serves as a way for me to share what is coming up on a decade of web development, marketing, management, and community development experience with the Church as a whole. The latter three of these topics are sorely excluded from the seminal educations professional ministers receive during their masters programs (I’m also currently enrolled at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN)

The design heavily borrows from the main website (which was completed by Ned Wright last spring) The main differences are in the layout of the content section of the design, and the sidebar. While the site is fairly monochromatic for the moment, I wanted to bring more color into the blog and did that through the header and the date boxes. The design will likely mimic that of the company site as it goes through renovations in the future.

Cotolance Theme for Nineteen05 Blog

Check out the theme in action

Like the Inductaloot theme, this one is also private. If you are looking for a blog of your own check out Insights For Church and get blogging today! It is hosting the official nineteen05 blog, and hopes to host hundreds of blogs for those involved in ministry in the near future.

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