Well it seems like I’ve just dug myself in a hard place here. It stems from me being to observant and actually caring about people, contrary to some people’s ideas of me. Here is where my trouble currently lies. I still have very mixed feeling about laura b. I mean how could I not, she is an amazing girl but the more I reflect back I realize that it wouldn’t have worked out in the long run, which has helped me get over our relationship. The problem lies with what has happened since then.

I love helping people, I spent a large portion of last week helping sarah out and when I had been there for her and sorted through things with her I wasn’t really interested in anything more then helping her out. Since then that has changed though, I’m starting to get more interested in her and we’ve talked and she is feeling the same way about me. Now I’m in a hard place because how can I pursue this relationship without hurting laura. I know I should talk to her about it but I’m not even sure if she would believe me.

Basically right now I’m in a hard spot because of what was written earlier. I know it will work out, I just hope that everyone can understand who has to. I’m going to go to bed now.

Take Care and God bless,