studio work from 2003

*This is something I’m writing for a good friend of mine.*

I wish that we could go through life and never experience pain. I don’t mean the petty pain of a cut or scrape, rather the pain of a heart torn apart. I’ve been there, I know how it feels, I know it all to well. When I read what you write my heart sinks for you and what you’re going though. Of someone who cares to much for you (or is it not enough) to see what they are doing to you.

How they run from person to person trying to find the fulfillment you gave them for so long. The inability we have to comprehend why it didn’t work out between you two. All you are sure of is the pain it gives you inside, the torn emotions and racing mind that keep you up until all hours of the waning night. Wearing down your mind and then your body until you feel completely rejected and seemingly worthless.

What you aren’t seeing is what you still have. Your heart is still there to give, although slightly abused, there is someone out there who will care for it until it’s better then new. You have your care to give, to shower over someone out there who is willing to be with you. Someone who at the end of the day will make it all worth while, not only today, but every other day of your life. Take your time to grieve but know that it will come to you, the love you’re so willing to give. This chapter you just closed in the book you’re writing. The book is waiting for you to grab the pen again.

If you ever need someone I’m here for you 24/7.
Take care and God bless,