Well I called highline back today, let them know that I’m planning on doing a summer project and won’t be able to go out there for an internship. I will admit I was slightly nervous doing so, since this is a great opportunity for me. After talking for a minute Dave told me that if I was interested they could get me doing contract work for them next winter. That would be really nice, get some money over winter break as well as some really great job experience in the field I will probably end up in.

For those of you who may be wondering why, then, am I going to school for art. I didn’t want to sit through a four year program where I would learn next to nothing that I haven’t already learned and experienced first hand. Art is a passion of mine and one that, with practice, I could get quite good at and will help to round my abilities.

I talked to Christina today only to find out she’s already back at Kansas and we didn’t get a chance to catch up with each other over break. It was really nice taking her out for breakfast before we left for college, she is one of the few people who just gets me. When I talk to her it seems like she knows whats going on in my head, when most of the time I feel like people don’t have a clue. Sometimes I feel like I’ve done to much and even feelings of guilt come up with that as well. Oh well, can’t do anything about the past. Can only live for the future.

Take Care and God bless you,