I know that right now I’m stepping on toes. I’m making them uncomfortable in this old industry and there really isn’t anything they can do about it. For the past several years I learned from their lead and from their teachings. Despite how it may sound, I truly am grateful for all the lessons each of them taught me. Except that I’ve been their pawn and lessons have been contemplated. No longer will I stand by, things will happen my way.

The word empowered hadn’t made much sense to me before tonight. I don’t know why it happened tonight, roughly a month prior to the event, but it did. It is very obvious to me that nothing of the past four years would have happened had it not been for God’s grace helping me. I no longer need to listen to the teachings of those who I feel unsure of. He has blessed me with a very strong instinct in this area and it’s shone through for the past several years. I know this year we will turn heads. Never have things come together this well.

When I stop to thing about this I swell up within. For this is the year that we might be able to pull off my dream event. There are very few things left that would be possible to add on to the event and for the first time, I see exactly how to do it. Soon this season of Faith will be drawing to a close and everyone will know. Till then right now all I know is that I’m stepping on toes.

Take Care and God bless,

ps. this was entry 96, I’ve got something already written for 100…