What is it I’m musing after? Is it a thought, or a desire to have someone to be my muse. The lack of an earthly inspiration is trying, but nothing new and defiantly not something for me to spend my time writing about. Rather my thoughts and mental quarantines and inspections are about a few things.

1) Evangelism team at stout is going really well. I know that we’ve yet to get back to school or even have our planning weekends but the thoughts have been compiled. The philosophy and direction are down on paper. I might add a bit more and have yet to revise but it’s essence is denoted in a mere six pages. Needless to say I’m pretty excited about it and think that it should help people to understand where I’m taking the team in the upcoming semesters, hopefully will ease some minds and concerns as to if I know or understand what I’m doing. There is defiantly more that will be written in the one that will be delivered to the people on Servant and Shepard team but the essence has transcended thought to print. Very excited about that.

2) For those of you who don’t know I’ve been in Seattle for the last several days. I’ve loved getting out here and just relaxing. Part of me thinks that Ryan believes I need to be doing something all the time, or going out and doing stuff all the time. Not so much. This is the first time I’ve been able to truly relax and not worry about anything (ok that’s a lie, I did work on E-team stuff and will work on stuff for my church presentation on the flight home). Being able to just sit around, or walk around town and not feel the impending effects of my actions. It truly feels as though time has stopped for what I need to get done because I had been planning on coming out here for so long. In other news, we’ve yet to talk about France and are going to tomorrow. Hopefully in the afternoon so that he’ll have some time to digest it all and ask questions. That’s the game plan anyway, it’s a lot to take in.

3) Church, wow this is just weird, almost surreal. I realized that in the past five Sundays (including tomorrow) that I will have been at five different churches, in four different cities, of four different denominations, in three different time zones, two languages, two countries all for one God. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me. If you make it eight weeks then it goes up to six churches, but I think the five in five sounds better. The five are Eglise Evanglique-Free, Eglise la Chapel, American Church of Paris, Eden Prairie Presbyterian, and tomorrow will be the University Presbyterian Church here in Seattle (the other church was Saint Sernien my first week in Toulouse).

4) I’m speaking in church in a week, pretty excited about it. Will be a good chance for me to let everyone know how the trip went at once and hopefully be able to instill in them a part of my passion for the world. As my project director this summer said “If we aren’t sending people to the world why are we doing it at all [in regards to campus ministry]” and the same can be said for our church congregation. I’m sure that the spiritually strong of our church could leave and expand the kingdom if we aren’t going, if we aren’t raising them up to go. Then we should just go ourselves and at least make a difference that way.

5) In other news: I walk the streets of my life in hopeful anticipation for the day she’ll know to turn around and say hello. The words of the world slip off my heart and fail to explain this notion I feel at the thought of your face burns at hands to far to reach you. Only if you knew to turn, only if you were near enough to be seen, only if I had’t said nothing.

At this point Paul has exhausted his musing, anything left to write about isn’t important enough for me to spend my time or yours writing about.

Take care and God bless,