Well I?m here, first day ever in Seattle and I?m sitting in our living room because I plugged my phone into the wrong outlet last night and it turned off when the switch when off. Eh, can?t win them all. Just being here really makes me wonder how I?m going to react to Stout again. I?ve been living in big cities all summer (Toulouse, and now 5-6 days in Seattle) and then I?ll be going back to Stout in about a month. I?ve always been a city kid and always will be. My first place will be in the city and the only reason I might leave is to raise kids, but in all honesty can?t say I?ve ever put much thought into that one.

There are just so many things about large cities that I miss, the bustle of people, the constant availability of things to do (even if you don?t always want to do them), and just the number of choices you have. In Menomonie if I want Chinese food I have to go to the fortune cookie? Though I will stand up for that little city a bit, there are some really amazing places you can walk to and be lost in the woods. It?s so beautiful and I?m not sure I could ever leave that about my school. Eh this post is titled ?Hello Seattle? so I should probably talk more about the city.

Not that I really can, I just got here last night. I?m gonna go run a muck on the metro for a while after I let my phone charge up a bit first. Not really sure where I?m going or what the heck I want to see but ya never know what might cross my eye along the way. I?ve got about 2-3 hours as of now before Ryan (older brother) gets back from work and we go and hang out. Well that?s about all I got, I?m going to check on a couple things and then take off.

Take care and God bless,