Wow I’ve had an action packed weekend… To kick things off I didn’t drive to boyne because the jones boys couldn’t make it (Justin at work and Chris had the ACT) and I wasn’t going to drive 14 hours on my own. I would go crazy along the way. Then Sunday after Sunday school my car died, the starter just quit on me. So got that towed and taken care of (it’s sitting good in the driveway now though). Started a new quarter today at school, it was alright. Gov’t is going to be amusing, My dad might come in when/if we watch bowling for columbine because that piece of trash moore made it. God must have a sense of humor when he makes people like him.

For those of you that don’t know I didn’t get accepted to the University of Southern California and so I will be attending Stout this fall over in the UW system. Go Wisconsin. I’m a little disappointed just because I thought I was more then good enough to get in out there at USC but apparently I’m not HQ enough for them. Their loss anyway. I’m ready to really push my artistic and creative side come this fall at stout. Hopefully rooming with Ned and we’ll really push each other to new limits.

Today I had lunch with CD and it was sweet, I went over my plans for the next season and he seemed impressed with everything that I’ve brought upon myself. I have about two/three more years to totally change the face of skiing in the Midwest. That’s not all that much time and I have a lot to do. Just am going to call him tomorrow and have him see what he things about my plans with some time behind him. Might have some insights to help me out. I’ve been so lucky with Line, Smith, Dakine and even Red Bull has really been there more then I thought they would be, If Daniels and/or Mero ever read this, YOU GUYS KICK ASS!! Even though we don’t get much credit behind the scenes like this.

Also got back online this past weekend, that was quite the feat, and some parts still aren’t working totally the way they should be but its better then nothing. Gotta start spreading the word now. That’s all I got for now. Gotta go and not do my homework!!