How appealing is the idea? Just take a moment and think of what you have to do in the next few years of your life. You are nothing right now, living in the shadows your parents’ cast over you and soon the harsh light of the world will shine down on you. Some high school seniors are in a position to go to college for another four years, others for two, giving them more time to mold that image they have for themselves in their mind. If you were to talk to any senior in high school I think you would find some consistent feelings among them. Feelings I couldn’t understand until I was there myself, the uncertainty, fright and sense of impending loss, also accompanied by longing and excitement for what is coming next.

Going over the basic philosophies of the right and left this struck me. A large portion of students have no idea what they want to do with their life or if they do know, aren’t sure that after four years of college will still have the same motivation as they do now in that field. The left holds to the idea that we should all support each other, that the rich should supply the poor, strong support the weak, and so on. All very valiant thoughts and ideals in my mind. However most of them, given the chance to move up, to get further along in life and elevate there status above where they currently site or the status of their parents, they would take it in a heart beat. There is uncertainty involved with any risk, uncertainty that demands someway for people to cope. That way is liberalism. The crutch that will allow people the comfort of being able to reach for their dreams without certain demise, the idea that if you fall people will be there to catch you. My question for you is this, in a free society, like we have here in the states, you have the “freedom to pursue happiness” and with that, freedom to become utterly miserable. Every choice you make in your life you should have to answer too.

My life is just about to become uncovered; I’m scared that over the past several years I haven’t prepared myself enough. That when the sun reaches me I will dry up while those around me take root and flourish. The difference between the left and me is that if I fail, I will pick myself up, have friends dust me off and get back in the game.