Life has been very full lately. This is a very good thing. The four spheres that make up my life are still rolling along, moving, and being used by God. So a quick life update is in order for those who keep tabs on my wife and I through here.

Our Marriage

Things are going well. We are quickly coming up on our three year anniversary in January. We have been hanging out still in Minneapolis, and our cat is getting more and more crazy as the weeks go past (check him out on twitter)

Nineteen05 – Work

Things are really starting to pick up! We just finished an update last night that has gone over very well. There is also a lot of interest from the conferences we went to this summer. It is really excited to see the years of work starting to culminate in this type of response. So much love out to all of you who are current and soon to be clients of ours. So awesome!!

Substance Church – Internship/Work

Church went multi-site last week (officially, we had a soft-launch for several weeks to work out the bugs). This has been a really exciting change and transition for us at Substance. I am still working through my Pastoral Internship there for Bethel Sem (see below). It is fun running a campus, and at the same time when I think about the reality that I lead a campus it is a bit overwhelming. I love the logistics of it, and am stretched by the amazing people I get to serve as they make their church happen every week.

We just relaunched the church on October 4th and since then I’ve been close to a dozen new people to the church who have no sort of church background to speak of within the last 5+ years. These men and women are the reason I love Substance!

Bethel Seminary – School

I am now half way through my program! This rocks my world. I can hardly believe it. My bookshelf seems to think I am more than half way through, but it has been really good. Looking forward to getting through this quarter and lightening my load a little bit so I can focus more on nineteen05. Fun to realize that after this term I’m also done with languages! Greek has been a huge challenge to me, but its actually really fun when you look at something and know what it says. Amazing!

Thats it, life is full of goodness. So that does tend to mean that this blog is not as full. Till next time!