It seems like it’s been a while since I wrote and thought a quick update would be good. We had a great easter celebration with church and then had about 25 people over for a late lunch that was great! Afterwards we had some time in prayer just thanking the Lord for what he did on the Cross for us, then gave some praise through singing. Was sweet, not to mention that the next day we didn’t have work as it was “Easter Monday.” Why that is a holiday in France I don’t know, but near everything was closed so we just lounged around and saw two of our friends back off to Switzerland.

Last weekend was the Agape spring weekend in the Pyrenees. There were 33 of us and it was a blast. Just walking and hiking around in the mountains, playing sport and just having a good time. Had a couple great conversations and was humbled by how the Lord used me that weekend. God is so good!!!

Now the students are all gone on vacation, so I’ve been working on random administrative things like finishing the ministry website and random planning stuff for the summer. Jordan shows up on Saturday which is super exciting!! And I’m really looking forward to seeing her, only been 7 months! Yea, pretty sure I won’t be sleeping on Friday night… at all.

Well I don’t know how frequent my updates will be until after Jordan leaves. Kind of intend on spending my spare time with her, not my computer. Then shortly after she flies home we leave france. So weird. There is a lot of writing that will come out of that. God is already showing me great things.