So there ya have it!! After all this time (OK, so nearly 22 years) I’ve been living it has happened. I found my wife and she said yes!!!

Jordan flew in last Saturday and we spent the week together. I actually asked her on Sunday but because we wanted to call people first I have resisted posting anything online here or elsewhere. So here is my first public announcement. Jordan Elise and I are gonna get hitched! Below is a short 6 minute video with some of the lead up to the engagement. I’m a hopeless romantic who did a decent job with all of this stuff (more than decent if ya ask Jordan).

Our Engagement Story

How the day unfolded

We started the day at church, went out to lunch with friends and took off on another photo adventure date. We’ve had several back in the US so it was only fitting that on a perfect day (blue sky, near 70, slight breeze… it was perfect) we would go out photo-hunting! Took off for capitole and meandered our way over to a set of gardens Jordan really wanted to see…. little did she know how much I wanted her to see them.

She took a ton of pictures (OK I took some in there too…) and we spent time talking about our walks with the Lord in this gazebo. After that I showed her where I took the waterfall picture from jardin des plantes (plant garden… more romantic in french…). We took a short walk over a bridge and got to the Grand Rond. She was drawn immediately, with very little guidance, to the flowers around the large fountain in the center of the round. That is where the video picks up. She took several pictures and when she stood up and turned around, she heard me tell her that I love her, that I want to spend the rest of my life with her, and then got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

She said yes! WOOHOO. I kind of forgot about the ring and just kissed her (also shown in the video above) then put it on. Her custom made ring from Florence, Italy! Hmmmm, yea it went really well. Then my friend Alyssa came over who was so nice to film it for us and we had a mini celebration there in front of the fountain. So amazing. After we went and colored for a while by the river…

So now we’re engaged. It’s unreal and so amazing at the same time. I love her and it’s so amazing to tell her that. hehe!!

3 replies on “I’m Engaged!!

  1. Congratulations! That is SO cool. The video was sweet – thanks for sharing “the moments”.

    “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

    Looking forward to hanging at Dunn Bros when you are back in the area and hearing about your journey…..

  2. You are such a goofball… Thanks for sharing and congratulations!!!!

  3. OMG. Holy crap, Paul Prins! That was adorable!!!

    Congratulations again. Gotta love the video blog, lol. Over the top, really. In the dorky sort of way. 😉 Awesome.

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