What is there to say, I stood on the X on stage and gazed upon the faces of the crowd, looked into the eyes of my classmates and tried to take in every moment. As she read my name off I felt this smile come across my face, I couldn’t help it as my feet started to whisk me across the stage until I was standing in front of Larry, I wanted to thank him for all the work he’s organized with the grading committee and for letting me be involved but then I felt my feet pulling me to these two people I didn’t know (the second was a blur but the last was the superintendent Krull). I took one last look up to the crowd before walking down the steps to get my rose and returning to my seat.

So now it’s two days later and I’m sitting here, I hate to quote the movie old school but “I woke up one day a new man, I didn’t feel any different”. I’m done with high school, I feel as if I need to do something with my life. I know my time will come, and for now I’m content with what I’ve been able to accomplish thus far in my journey in life. Right now I’m just trying to make sure that I am able to show everyone how grateful I am for the roll that they’ve played in my life. Almost as though I am looking for some closure to this chapter of my life.

I know that I won’t find it because life is not cut and dry, rather the pages over lap and the Author has it all mapped out before we even know what happens. All I need to do is keep my feet moving and turning the pages beneath them. Until next time…

Take care and God Bless ~ Paul Prins