We’re HERE!!! And how surreal it feels, the time difference really isn’t getting to any of us, I believe that to be because of our super long travel day that didn’t end until later at night. It was something like 30 hours of travel in a row (we got to the Catholic Foyer around 8pm the next day after leaving at 8am the previous and then you need to take out seven hours for time zones). The room is more then I ever could have asked for. It’s actually bigger then my room was at Stout, has an in room bathroom/shower, two large closets (for my four shirts and three pairs of pants? haha) and it’s only for me’ that’s right we somehow got single rooms. There is one weird point to it, that it is an all womens facility. The only men in the entire building are Adam, Pav, Eric, Taylor, and myself and that obviously brings up some issues, although I don’t see them having any holding power. I love all those guys and we’re all in love with the Lord so we should be fine.

This morning we had breakfast (baguette and jam with hot chocolate) and then did a scavenger hunt around town. Needless to say I got in some really solid walking. I also decided that when/if I come back on STINT that I’ll get a moped and sell it at the end of my time here. Grabbed some lunch at some random café near the capitol and then came back to the Foyer for some prayer time and then down time. Just waiting for two of the ladies to swing by the room and then am going to the internet café for some coffee. I’m excited, my first cup of French coffee.

Well I love it here and to be honest it will be hard to leave come 6 weeks from now. I knew it would be but I never really imagined it like this. Also there is no need to worry about photos, I’ve taken almost 180 already and will put some of the better ones up in the gallery as I take them and have access to the internet (about twice a week, there is a room in our building with access but I’m not here to worry about posting pictures on the internet, I’m here to bring other beggars to the source of the bread).

God Bless,