Well it’s now been a couple days and I feel so at home. Like I’ve lived here for years (although at times I stumble on the language but I know more then enough to get by and to have some quazi-in-depth conversations) and it’s really only been 3-4 days. We did the tourist stuff already and got it out of the way. Saw the sites of Toulouse, France that included the capitol, two churches (one which held the body of St. Thomas Aquinas (sp)), and a former dye traders courtyards. All and all it was pretty amusing, although this city is older then I expected it to be, apparently it was built by the Romans which explains a lot with how it is laid out.

Aside from that, we’ve just been getting ready for this week. Yesterday during deciplship time the guys headed up to the University of Toulouse Mirail and walked around campus, found the resto (commons), did some research as to what majors are there and what is around, the general upkeep of the facilities, made note of the types of posters and where the events took place, and realized it was just as dead on a Saturday as our campuses are back home.

Had our first CSS (Chief Stake Seekers), or evangelism team meeting Saturday as well. It will be pretty awesome this summer being involved in that. We are all super passionate about this city and about what is going on here. Then to be in a position where we can help organize and run the events that the team will be doing is even more of an honor. For those of you out there praying for us, it would be a good thing to pray for our understanding, wisdom, and boldness as a team in the planning and execution of events for the French students. That we are coming with a servants heart and meeting their needs, not our own.

Other then that life is amazing here. I’m probably going to buy another pair of pants sometime this week. Went to my first ever catholic mass here (en François!) and I must say that I wouldn’t mind if I never went again. It is to trenched in tradition for me, if you would have taken out the light bulbs in Saint-Sernin along with the speakers/microphones it would have probably been the same Pentecostal service they did in the 1400’s? Not that it’s bad but it just doesn’t do anything for me. Though trying to sing the doxology in French was kind of fun. I’m really looking forward to my quiet time with the lord because this morning didn’t do it for me. Need some spirit in me before tomorrow.

There isn’t a whole lot else to say, I’m in love with my team. They have to be the perfect blend of people to have here in france, even if at times I may not understand how or think so. God tends to know better than me and I need to remember that. Probably won’t post much this week, will try to once. If you need me or have a question/request email me. I have a phone but am not giving out the number and don’t feel like calling the states as then I need to stay up late because of the seven hour difference.

May God bless your heart and soul till I see you again,