Story background information:
A little over a month ago I was really into this gal named Terry. I would swing by and leave notes on her door and see if I couldn’t catch her for a moment just to chat and make sure she was doing alright. After about a week she started avoiding me pretty bad, then one of her really good friends proceeded to call me creepy and a stalker for all of that. Now story time.

Tonight at dinner we were just living it up and making fun of each other. Was a good time for sure with the guys (since the girls took up the entire long table we packed around a smaller round table). Our meal was winding down and only Lauren and Kelli were left at the other table. Earlier when Kelli was getting food someone, that she was less then interested in, asked Lauren what her name was. She should have told him to grow a pair and ask her himself but she just didn’t tell him. At this point of the meal I saw him stand up and start walking over to our side of the commons, I pick up my tray and walk over to talk to kelli as to deter him from coming over and bugging her. I let her know that he had gotten up and they mocked me to flirt with her.

I threw my leg up on the table as to make a scene and they broke out laughing shortly before I did. We talked for a minute then cleared our trays and left back to the dorms. We were talking about my table ‘experience’ and as we got to the outer doors Scott made an off-handed comment about my flirting abilities tonight, implying how creepy they were. On the other side of the door there was terry and her roommate. I couldn’t help but sequel out “Irony” and a few steps later Scott and me broke out in amazing laughter.

Other News:
there really isn’t to much going on, got my last fundamentals of design project done, have my drawing portfolio review tomorrow, and seem to be staying on top of pretty much everything I need to be

Also I want to that everyone who prayed for me over the past two days, and an extra thanks for those who prayed for jon and his family. They need our continued support.

Take Care and may God bless your soul,