My friend called this a little ‘disney’ of me but alas sometimes I’m like that. Although I’m not totally sure why it happened yesterday, it did happen. It just hit me and I was faced with this epiphany that I had been ignoring up to that point. Maybe it’s a little of this hopeless romantic inside of me trying to come up with super elaborate schemes. Last night I finally realized what was right there, who was right there, and how much I enjoy being around her. I don’t know if it caught her off guard or not but it was nice, amazingly nice to spend a couple hours with her.

Last night I slept with a smile on my face, I could tell because this morning my cheeks were a little sore. Now there is just this long month span where I won’t get to see her, though she did just tell me she’d talk to me. That was sweet of her.

Take care and God bless,