This is one of those times that you hear people talk about. Are you dreaming when you are awake? That the feelings and experiences I’ve gone through in the past week are ones that for the longest time seemed to even elude me in slumber. Now they are hard pressed upon be everyday, greeted with open arms. This is one change that I am sure I will adjust well to.

For those of you who are wondering who ‘her’ in the title of this post is, I guess I can let you know. Her name is Stacey Smith and she’s the sweetest girl. I briefly met her this past winter (maybe in January) while I was doing a project for SASA. She sat in and did an interview with me and I remember editing and thinking to myself, trying to recall what her name was. Something about her then struck me and when I saw her again, just shy of two weeks ago, the dream started. I’m not sure exactly how to describe it, I knew I had seen her before and there was something that drew me to her.

From what I can gather the feeling was fairly mutual. We spent a lot of time together in the next week, and things just seemed to make sense. Everything about her intrigues me to want to know more. Oh and she’s so kind and gentle, it’s one of the first things that I noticed about her. Tonight is going to be like Christmas eve, not being able to sleep because of the anxiety over tomorrow (where going out tomorrow night). Now I know I could go on ranting here for paragraph upon stanza of words to the point where you would all stop reading. That would do nothing but get me all excited again and I need to go to bed soon. So if you read this Stacey, I just want to say thanks for taking a chance on a guy like me and that a girl!

Take Care and God Bless.
~paul prins