For those of you who haven’t been reading lately I’m in the process of deciding if I am going to do STINT (Short Term INTernational) this upcoming year from September until July. It’s been quite the process, from being told I couldn’t go to being told I could. Then needing to discern if it was God’s will for me to go or not, spending time in counsel that I didn’t when I first filled out the application. God has been so gracious with me and allowing me to correct my mistakes and giving me a second chance to go and labor for him when I deserve anything but that. So, after much prayer, fasting, fellowship, and beseeching, what’s the word?

I’m going to go for it. Everything has come out so dead even and my heart has been so I have to pursue what the Lord has set before me. As I am pursuing if the door gets shut on STINT I will know I am meant to be here at Stout. There are countless ways He could let me know that I am meant to spend the 2005/06 year at Stout, so many ways to stop me from going. If I am not stopped then I will go, I am going to pursue both so that incase I can’t go to France I will still be able to go to school fall semester. I’m looking so forward to being in France and watching the Lord move and work there. I will post more information later as I learn it. For now if you want to pray for my acceptance to Mirail in Toulouse for next year that would greatly help me get my visa and get over there.

Broken and kneeling before His throne,

please read the last two entries if you are interested in what all has happened to get me to this point.