I’m not really sure what to talk about. My life is quite meh at the moment. Everyday that goes by I make the best of, because I’ve taught myself to. The latter of this previous week sucked.

Around Thursday I emailed my host for midwestskier (my work site host, they host midwestskier, midwestskieropen, ctpfilms, and our staff sections) to figure out why my site wasn’t working like it should. They then told me that my account was corrupted in a DOS attack on the server and had to be fixed. I emailed him back my account name and the server I was on. Then my account got reset without be knowing before hand, I lost the forum database of any recent value. So that will get me some heat for sure.

Then last night laura and I were hanging out and we got to talking, and talking led to us breaking up. We’re still friends, and I hope that we stay that way because she’s truly an amazing girl. She’ll do amazing things in her life, I can tell. But it’s gotten me to thinking, seems like I’m not in the same place as anyone I’ve dated in the past year. Not that I’m in any better of a spot, just further along. I wish I wasn’t, but my work with skiing has forced me to grow up.

There were also some false assumptions that I made about college. I had thought that people here would be ready for life to start and were only getting the knowledge that they needed to make that happen. After all that’s more or less while I’m here. It should have arisen as ignorant of me to think that, but my hope over-rode my logic. I just hope that I can find someone who is in the same place that I am in. Out of pure interest I made up a list of the people I’ve dated.

Past girlfriends, just because I’m curious:
Tara Moulder
Sarah Rose
Andrea Glinski
Katie Barber
Nicole Williamson
Marissa Danger
*Can’t remember her name
*Her either
Jessica Loger
Anne Haverstock
Stacey Smith
Laura Brodhun

Yea I’m done writing; I need to get to my research for my new English essay, Natural Rights Philosophy and Human Equality. It’s really interesting but a lot of work.

Take care and God bless you,