That your God, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, the Rock upon which you lean upon is so appropriately called Jealous. With your words stands a statement of awe while your actions and heart attempt to belittle the grandest of eternity. Outside of whom there is nothing. Heartbroken He watches us in our disbelief and to the shelves upon which we place our hope. Leaving the scraps and pain for the Lord when all else has failed us, while our anger and contempt fumes within the furnaces of sin. The desire we have to become someone in the eyes of the world overshadows the truth of being everything in Christ.

The most righteous of the saints hearts were still broken but at least they lifted their wounds to their Healer. In the lives of the boastful the Holy Spirit is not given free access, instead to only what we give. Forgeting what we own and what is the Lords. The only thing we have to call our own is our hearts desires. Desires which heaven and hell are entrenched in battle over, desires which decimate lives, communities, cities, countries, regions and will soon take the world where it has never been before. The things the mind pretends to grasp by the seduction of temptation.

“You children run with hope misplaced. Rested in mere men and the institutions that they built, yet here I stand with arms open with hope for My burdened heart. Even in the wake of my wrath you turn to blame instead of turning to run to me. How much more must I demonstrate my strength and power? How many more will have to parish before you cry? Your brothers lay the subject of my wrath yet you spurn my word of truth. Foolish is the name of he who stands distant from Me in all his needs,” declares the Lord Almighty.

Father help us to forgo our lives, to discover why you placed us here. Abba and Friend to the meek, help us to humble ourselves that we may experience the fullness of your grace and love. Before the call of your trumpet help us to align ourselves with you that we may rejoice in Your victory in the final day. Pour out your gift of faith in these days that our whole hope would rest in you, outside of our world. Governments fall at your utterance, death sweeps trailing your hand, and life is brought through your breath. Help us in our disbelief and ignorance of you.

May you have mercy on those who profane your name and may you, in your glorious graces, strength and faithen your servants and redeemers.

One thought on “What the Christian world doesn’t want to Hear

  1. Such a sad but true statement.
    We as Christians have so lost what the faith is truly about. What we feel, how entertained we are, what we get out of it….those are what have become the hallmarks of American Christianity. Isn’t it sad that other countries now send missionaries here?

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